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Project Description: 

The program English for Opportunities and Competitiveness (EFOC) choose and welcome professional volunteers from English speaking countries to work as teacher assistants of English at educational centers in Colombia during an academic year. The program is based on the methodology of co-teaching where teachers and volunteers support each other when teaching English and at the same time exchange cultural aspects and reinforce one another's skills. Beneficiaries: 22.000 students from low income families have benefitted between 2009 y 2013, 4 cities: Cartagena, Bogotá, Medellín, Barranquilla

Description of the organisation: 

We expand a range of abilities and  skills to Colombian children and young people through the teaching of English as a Second Language, which will allow them to access more education opportunities and increase their possibilities to enter successfully the labour market. Also, we promote the competitiveness through the education of a critical group of Colombian citizens with some knowledge of English. VISION

We aspire to have a competitive and prosperous Colombia where children and young people have the possibility to have a  bilingual education of good quality.


Volunteer criteria: 
The volunteer must have a Bachelor degree. University Professional. Volunteers must come from an English speaking country and they do not need to know Spanish.
Accommodation and food provided? If yes, cost: 
USD 1,500 and in addition volunteers must cover their own airfare. It includes: life insurance, visa, training, transport within country and accommodation. Volunteers are given a monthly stipend (between USD 200 and USD 270). They are not given food but they can use the kitchen to cook.
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