Organisation overview

 VOFAIR (short for Volunteer Fairly) is a watchdog in international volunteering. We advocate for a world where volunteers find experiences with grassroots organizations that are fair, ethical and purposeful. We realize this mission by a simple field certification of projects, advocacy and awareness raising, and expert advice and publications. While we are not an intermediary organization or volunteer agency, the thorough information we provide allows volunteers to autonomously make well-informed decisions and choose their own projects. Originating in South America, we are now present globally with a team spanning across continents.



    The mission of VOFAIR (short for Volunteer Fairly) is to bring transparency to the world of international volunteering. We believe volunteers deserve unbiased insight into their projects and locations of interest, and grassroot, non-governmental organizations deserve dedicated, qualified volunteers.  Through our global network, we aim at facilitating transparency, as well as positive, unique and fair experiences for each individual.


    We envision trusting relationships with volunteers and organizations that, together with us, will serve the greater good. By verifying projects in person, VOFAIR helps to ensure a quality experience for volunteers, and provides a platform that links them to projects across country borders. We help volunteers find experiences with grassroot, non-governmental organizations that are fair, ethical and purposeful.



  • Transparency

    It is of utmost importance that VOFAIR acts with honesty and transparency in order to create an open, reliable network of communication between volunteers, projects, and other nonprofit organizations. Our methods and procedures are clear and reasonable to ensure strong, long-lasting relationships between our internal team and our external participants and partners.

  •  Integrity

    Our team, as well as any project approved by VOFAIR, is held to the ethical standards of honesty, fairness,nondiscrimination, and safety. All projects are created and carried out in accordance with individual dignity and respect, as well as legal responsibility.

  • Excellence

    We strive for improvement! VOFAIR charges itself with the responsibility to leverage new ideas, ask tough questions, and create lasting change in ourselves, our team, our volunteers,and the world. We believe in providing quality information to our volunteers and to the public. Each project we support, no matter how small, has the opportunity to produce a positive, measurable impact in the world. We want to improve our organization and the projects we work with continuously and grow together and constantly.


Scope of work


Awareness raising

•To educate the potential volunteers about the ways of contributing in the most fair and purposeful ways. To raise awareness about the risks involved and the ways of verifying any project/organisation before deciding to volunteer with them.
•To offer free information about the realities of life when volunteering abroad.
•To assist (in general, not individually) volunteers in finding suitable volunteer projects matched to their interests and skills.

Quality assurance

•To continuously improve our criteria and methodology of verification and certification, by sharing knowledge with other organisations and networks.
•To create a list of fair and verified volunteer projects all over the world (starting with South America).  We currently intend to meet this goal by creating a network of experienced volunteers working as verifiers of the projects.
•To give and maintain certified the verified fair voluntary projects, to keep good relations with these projects' representatives and their ex-volunteers, this way obtaining more feedback and advice on improvement of the international voluntary sector.

Best examples promotion

•To allow small, verified NGOs and charities to promote their projects via the VOFAIR website for free.
•To offer free help to hosting organizations to improve their transparency and improve their operations related to volunteers.
•To provide a common space for those wanting to volunteer, current volunteers, and ex-volunteers to connect with international volunteer projects.