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Fundación EnseñARTE Bolivia is an ONG registered in and recognized by the Department of Cochabamba.  Performing Life International, Inc. is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of New Mexico and has received United States federal 501c3 tax-exempt status.

The organization’s goals are to reduce poverty and inequality by creating safe, secure, respectful environments within which children and families can realize their creativity and innovation for self-directed improvement, acquire life-long skills for a secure present and vibrant future, and break the cycle of poverty for this and future generations.

PLI/FE considers that all children and adolescents are valuable, important members of families, communities, and country.  However, society often disdains youth who work and/or live on the streets, and those whose circumstances put them at-risk of going to the streets.  PLI/FE programs are a haven from dangers and abuse.  In safe, supportive programs, children and adolescents have the freedom to be creative, develop self-confidence, improve educational and social skills, realize their value as human beings, and gain skills to reach their full potential. 

Performing Life, Inc. (PL) was incorporated as a New Mexico nonprofit by John Connell in 2005, when he was 18 years old. Fundación EnseñARTE Bolivia (FE) is PLI's in-country NGO partner, founded by John and a Bolivian Board of Directors, and officially certified by the Department of Cochabamba in 2013. In November 2014, John founded and incorporated Performing Life International, Inc. (PLI) in the State of New Mexico, receiving United States tax-exempt status in February 2015. Each organization operates exclusively for nonprofit, NGO purposes.

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Please email us for the descriptions of volunteer positions. For most positions, volunteers must come for a mínimum of three months; speak at least intermediate Spanish, and have a command of skills for the position they select. Some positions require fluent Spanish.
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During their work days, volunteers at the two social circus centers can eat lunch and dinner with the youth at no cost. We can help volunteers find reasonably-priced lodging in private homes. Occassionaly, there is one sleeping room at the office for a reasonable rate.
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