Nukanti Foundation - Social focus for Children


Project type: 
Project Description: 

Project 1: Social approach to children and young people: it is important to have a social worker and/or psychologist that help kids and young people to change the idea they have about their homes and their communities, as they have suffered the violence in their country, being displaced and abused people. Project 2: Children's dining room: for this project it is important to have nutritionists, psychologists or doctors as volunteers. In order to monitor children's motor and psychological growth. Project 3: Assistance to build and fix houses of families with low income. Nukanti supports the poorest population that work at the coffee production to built houses but in order to do so we need architects and skilled workers to help with the construction of houses for lots of families that live in the streets. Project 4: Lithographic project. This is a new project in our organization. we want to help young people with few means of support, we think it is important to have people who can express artistically such as designers, etc., who can offer their knowledge to the people we have so that we can increase the production.

Description of the organisation: 

Our mission is to change the life of children and young people who live in regions affected by extreme violence and poverty, offering education and hope for a better life.
We try to give an inspiring educational experience to young students who live in an uncertain environment. In this way,  we introduce hope in their lives, encouraging their passion for learning, instilling confidence in them, and supplying them with the tools to take control and improve their own lives.


Volunteer criteria: 
Ideally, the volunteer should have experience in international cooperation, a personality suited to dealing with children and youngsters in the programs, and must be very respectful of cultural differences.
Accommodation and food provided? If yes, cost: 
Volunteers must pay 400 USD monthly to cover accommodation, transport for between projects, and food.
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