At VOFAIR, we are inspired by work of the others. Therefore, we share some examples here:

  • Visit! Our VOFAIR team constantly strives to raise awareness about good, transparent, and fair volunteering practices around the world.

  • lists the free and low-cost volunteer opportunities in South & Central America.

  • Fundación Trascender is a non profit organization that has been promoting professional volunteering or pro bono work for 15 years, as a way to contribute overcoming poverty through the donatio

  • VOFAIR has started an open collaboration with Share a Dream!

  • Our advice to our volunteers — who are usually highly skilled professionals — is to think about what you intend to achieve, then cut that in half, cut that in half again and then reduce it by 50...

  • The term “orphan tourism” comes to mind here, which is exploitative. United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) agrees, orphanages and slums aren’t a tourist...

  • *Reposted from RUBY, written by Amy E. Robertson)

  • Inspiring VOFAIR team member application letter

    At VOFAIR, we continuously recruit new volunteers to contribute to our work, worldwide. Sometimes, we receive fantastic motivation letters.

  • What’s different about VOFAIR?

    VOFAIR is more than just an online listing of volunteer projects!

    VOFAIR Foundation is a watchdog for transparency in volunteering.