Hogar Mision de Maria


Project type: 
Project Description: 

Volunteers support the caretakers in their work: feed and care for the children, participate in educational activities organized by the caretakers, help to organize and clean the space, help washing clothes, towels, etc. Professional volunteers who wish do share their expertise with the children through educational workshops are also welcome. For example, volunteers can give art or physical education classes, or read to the children.

Description of the organisation: 

Our mission is to take in children and infants who have been neglected, whose home situations are unstable, or whose rights have been violated.  We strive to integrate each child into a family - whether it be their biological or adoptive family - in order to guarantee them the protection and affection necessary to become wholesome, happy children. 
We aspire to be a model environment and place of transition where the children are guaranteed safety, affection, and care, which will help repair the emotional damage they may have suffered and contribute to their social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development.


Volunteer criteria: 
Volunteers must be female, at least 18 years of age. Volunteer experience required. Beginning to intermediate Spanish accepted. Before beginning work, volunteer must complete a workshop about the childcare methods used by Hogar Misión de María.
Accommodation and food provided? If yes, cost: 
Housing and food not provided. Volunteers may opt to donate $5,000 Chilean pesos per month of work (approx. $10 USD), which helps support the functioning of the care center.
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