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The CDP Hualañe aims to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable children within a community in psychosocial and socioeconomic terms. It aims to improve their living conditions by means of guidance and support in areas such as dental health, insertion into schools, building bases for entrepreneurship for female heads of households, and psychological support. The center is open in normal office hours (9 hours a day), or longer if it is necessary. In the case of the dental center, they are available at the hours listed above. For the income generation program, the volunteers will work first on the development plan, then implementation and finally evaluation.

Description of the organisation: 

We respect the dignity of human beings and work to reestablish ethical virtues throughout humanity. We contribute to the construction of one worldwide community, in which all people can live together in harmony with the joy to share to share our objectives and values with others. 
We promote an approach to sustainable development and help people, regardless of their race, nationality, religion, ideology and geographic limitations. We work, utilizing local resources with the objective to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of activities. Thus, our projects are carried out through cooperation with communities where there are needs.


Volunteer criteria: 
We are searching for a student of higher education, who knows Spanish and English. It is appreciated if you have previous volunteer experience. We are also looking for people with studies in orthodontia for the dental center in Hualañe, and for the future projects of the Income Generation of Hualañé, we are looking for people with studies in engineering or agricultural project planning.
Accommodation and food provided? If yes, cost: 
The Central Office of GN Chile does not financially support the volunteers that come to Chile. GN Chile does offer assistance with finding the best accommodations in close proximity to the workplace. GN Chile can also provide food and transport to the volunteers for work-related purposes.
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