Girls and women in the heart of development

*Reposted from RUBY, written by Amy E. Robertson)

Strengthen local economies and increase workforce productivity by volunteering in support of girls and women on your next trip.
Women make up an estimated 70 percent of volunteer travelers, and voluntourism is an increasingly popular way of seeing the world. But why work while on vacation?

We travel to explore and experience, and to generate new connections between ourselves and the world around us. Volunteering while traveling offers a meaningful way to pull back the curtain that separates visitors and locals, to make connections with someone outside of hotel and restaurant staff, and to leave something behind in addition to tourist dollars. It’s cultural immersion through service and camaraderie.

This last point is critical. There are volunteers who offer services that aren’t available locally, such as surgeons who perform complex heart surgeries or cleft palate repairs that local doctors aren’t equipped to do. Then there are the rest of us.

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