Project type: 
Project Description: 

Our main program/project is called “Centro de Miembros Artificiales” (CMA). We provide free or low cost prosthetic limbs to low-income Bolivian amputees.

Description of the organisation: 

FUNPROBO’s mission is to provide prosthetic limbs to low income Bolivian amputees so that they can regain their confidence and self-respect as well as regaining the ability to find employment and contribute to their family and communities well-being. We are the only Bolivian prosthesis centre that focusses on low income patients, despite the enormous need. Our vision is to ensure that every low income amputee in Bolivia has access to low cost or free prosthetic limbs.  Our values and principles are to create and provide the best product that our abilities and resources allow, to not discriminate against any group and to treat all of our patients with dignity and respect.

Volunteer criteria: 
This project caters to many types of volunteers. Transparency was an important criteria given the fact that volunteers could see money being spent on resources rather than bureaucracy. Also, working directly with the Bolivian clients was important for volunteers. Moreover, volunteers chose this organization and project to be involved in healthcare and more specifically to gain experience in physical therapy.
Accommodation and food provided? If yes, cost: 
For accommodation, no, but we keep a database of previous volunteer accommodations and reviews to offer to our new volunteers. For food, yes: a light breakfast, and snacks and drinks throughout the day, but not lunch or dinner.
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