Fundación Gestión Vivienda


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1. Support for Home Ownership Program: With the help of companies that seek to support their workers in reaching the dream of home ownership, we developed this program oriented toward providing caring and effective advising for people seeking financial aid in homebuying. 2. Living - We develop social housing neighborhoods with strategic locations and setups that help foment social and urban integration, and we incorporate families in the construction of these neighborhoods. . 3. Reconstruction in the Maule Region: After the 2010 we decided to work in this region, where we have supported close to 1,300 families through different initiatives. 4. Neighborhoods: In this stage we help to fortify identity, autonomy, and integration into ones surroundings. With the help of the fmailes, we construct neighborhoods based on a master development plan.

Description of the organisation: 

MISSION:  We develop communities where people and their fmailies can feel happy to live.  We use a  Social Urbanism model which encourages participative and sustainable social processes, and strengthens social capital in communities through physical interventions in living spaces.

VISION: To become an example of trust and compromise in the development of new communities by using the Social Urbanism model. Ser un referente de confianza y compromiso en el desarrollo de nuevos barrios a través de nuestro modelo preventivo de Urbanismo Social.

Volunteer criteria: 
Spanish-speaking volunteers with professional expertise in development, architecture, and construction, among other areas, are sought out. Volunteers receive a brief induction into the Foundation, and are generally taken to see the various projects in different areas of the country.
Accommodation and food provided? If yes, cost: 
Housing and meals are not provided to volunteers, who should take charge of their living needs and expenses independently.
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