Fundación Cristo Especial


Project type: 
Project Description: 

The "Cristo Especial" Foundation Project tasks: To provide a physical space in which disabled children, youth, and adults can develop. To spread and and fight for the rights of physically and mentally disabled people. To promote the integration of mentally and physically disabled people into their immediate social atmosphere. To give therapeutic assistance in the areas of psychology, kinesthesiology, speech-language pathology, and occupational activities.

Description of the organisation: 

The Foundation's mission is:  "To welcome and care for children, youth, and adults with physical and/ or mental disabilities who live in socially-vulnerable situations." 
- To collaborate in constructing a neighborhood in which disabled people are accepted and valued, in which they feel safe and free, and into which their families feel integrated and accompanied.   
-  To contribute to the construction of a more welcoming and solidary community that is capable of taking care of and respecting its weakest members.


Volunteer criteria: 
Each volunteer must go through a screening process involving direct observation, personalized interview, and a SWAT analisis of their personality and abilities. They should speak fluid Spanish and ideally have previous volunteering experience. It is not recommended that underage people or those with depression volunteer, as the work is physically and emotionally demanding.
Accommodation and food provided? If yes, cost: 
Volunteers are given breakfast, lunch, and an evening meal from Monday to Friday, during work hours. Housing is not provided to volunteers.
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