The cultural centre in la Boquilla “ENCARNACION TOVAR"


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Project Description: 

Promote English learning in rural afro-american descendent community of la Boquilla. Generate exchange between contributors or volunteers and the people of the community, without leading to loss of identity. Maximize volunteers' positive impact on community. Improve the community's ability to welcome and host foreigners who come to volunteer The activities are courses given through 2 hour daily lessons for children, adults and young people.

Description of the organisation: 

The cultural center in la Boquilla “ENCARNACION TOVAR” is a socially and politically neutral organization that wants to lead and encourage the  cultural , social, financial, environmental and  community development in La Boquilla. It promotes a strong cultural identity,  and joins all sectors of the community to obtain union and cultural and social benefits.

MISSION. Empower the community of La Boquilla, through cultural, artistic, social and  environmental expression, the defense and preservation of cultural traditions,  and the  solidarity and humility which characterize the people from La Boquilla.

Accommodation and food provided? If yes, cost: 
Volunteers stay with families and pay a small daily per night as a contribution to the community. The family can share meals with the volunteer and the volunteer can share recipes from his/her country.
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