We are forever grateful to VOFAIR past volunteers who have worked with us!

  • Researcher & Support
    Berta Csiki is a Finance and Accounting major at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Her academic and extracurricular activities are rather versatile, she always has something to do, and hates being bored. She first encountered VOFAIR in the summer of 2013, where she understood the importance of what VOFAIR is doing. She started to volunteer for VOFAIR in 2013 as a marketing intern volunteer, and now has taken a step back to manage VOFAIR´s subscribers and help with Facebook administration.
  • Public Outreach Manager
    David Šváb is VOFAIR’s Public Outreach Manager, from the Czech Republic. He has a Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy, and has experience in sustainable human development, global affairs, developing and emerging regions, and innovative approaches to development. In addition to that, he is very enthusiastic about traveling and exploring new parts of the world. David’s main task is to ensure the visibility of our partners and our NGO, as well as advocacy and awareness raising in topics related to fair and transparent volunteering.
  • Outreach and Campaigns Manager
    Charlotte Tucker is our Outreach and Campaigns Manager, from the UK. She is passionate about doing everything in life ethically, from buying Fairtrade products to volunteering in a cancer research charity. She creates campaigns across all of our social media, blogs and outreach teams, so that we can inspire you with lots of cool and interesting ethical volunteering ideas. She loves using graphics and images to tell stories, and helping caring people like you find fantastic & impactful volunteer projects.
  • Communications
    Irina Yugai has a varied professional background spanning from web analytics to internal communications. She was involved with internal communications in the aviation industry for 5 years, and she is now travelling the world and volunteering when she sees that her skills and knowledge are needed.