We are forever grateful to VOFAIR past volunteers who have worked with us!

  • Luisa Mellado
    Luisa is a native Spanish professional in the field of languages who has been teaching English and Spanish for the last 15 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English by University of Cádiz, Spain and a Certificate of Teaching Spanish as a Second Language by Instituto Hemingway. She is a very positive and hard working individual, with a great sense of responsibility and commitment. Sporty and active, she is always trying new hobbies. She likes travelling, the outdoors, and reading, among other things. She is passionate about languages and embraces every opportunity to expand her knowledge. Luisa is assisting VOFAIR with translations.
  • Gergely Antal
    Gergely is a Hungarian Economist from Budapest. He is an Applied Economics major at Corvinus University of Budapest. and also a vice-president of a College for Advanced Studies. During his two years at the university, he has got several Scholarships and he is also a winner of the GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program. He is experienced in Market Research, Data Analysis and Business Planning.
  • Tamas Krivachy
    Tamas is an enthusiastic team worker who lives and was born in Hungary, but spent more than half his life in the USA. He is a major in physics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and next to his studies he spends most of his free time organizing youth events in Budapest. Tamas got to know VOFAIR through the GE Scholar-Leader Program in 2013.
  • Emanuel Danci
    Emanuel is Computer Science graduate from the Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania. He is very passionate about software engineering, algorithms and operating systems, winning multiple national contests in these fields. He has previously been a part of the Google Summer of Code project and currently he is working on a startup where he creates cloud-based applications. When he is not at the computer, you can find him playing the drums or the trombone in a local wind band, riding his bicycle, reading or spending quality time with his family and friends.
  • Sorina Lupu
    Sorina is a graduate from Engineering, Telecommunications and IT at Polytechnica University of Bucharest, Romania. She has expertise in robots, space technology and computer science. Since 2009, she has been participating in many NASA and European Space Agency competitions. On computer science, she has expertise in software developing, mobile applications and hardware. She has helped VOFAIR in many areas, from app development to internal management.
  • Maria Paz Villalobos
    Maria Paz has a degree in Politic Science from the University of Chile, and is specialized in Public Administration. She has more than 6 years of experience in volunteering, and 4 years of work experience in different areas, including certification work similar to that done by VO-FAIR. María Paz has a strong work ethic and a critical mind. She is a mountaineer and an animal lover at heart. She believes in public service and supports social and economic development in vulnerable communities.
  • Lara Powollik
    Lara is a graduate from University Edinburgh (MSc Ecological Economics) and a great traveler. Originally from Germany, she volunteered for VOFAIR online, developing our marketing plan.
  • Tara Schwenk
    Tara is a student at the London School of Economics, studying for an MSc in Social Anthropology. She works part time for VOFAIR and part time for a London based charity that deals with religious extremism and cults. She has personally experienced the ramifications of the lack of transparency within the voluntary sector when volunteering abroad, and this is what drew her to working for VOFAIR.
  • Livvy Bathe
    Livvy contributed to our blog across 2014! She studied English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Surrey,and also volunteered in a local Oxfam bookshop. She was acting as vice president for the university’s PEN society in the new academic year, promoting free speech, human rights and literature. She is from the UK and currently reading English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Surrey, as well as volunteering in her local Oxfam bookshop. She decided to get involved with VOFAIR after the realization that the £2billion volunteering industry is not always as ethically sound as its participants might hope.
  • Tonje Eide
    Tonje was a great engine in our project verifications back in 2013. She also worked as part of the marketing team, from our Santiago office.