What is the verification process?



It is a simple process, developed with the help of external experts and advisers and tested with each project that has been verified, which is summarized in the graphic above, and explained in more detail below.

Step no.1 – Fill in the surveys For the first of the verification steps, VOFAIR sends a survey (A) to the host organization.

It asks about the vision and mission of the organization, as well as the objectives of the specific volunteer project being verified. Other parts of the survey include questions about the volunteer’s work.

VOFAIR sends a similar survey (B) to ex-volunteers and beneficiaries of the project to ask about their experience. If answers to survey A are similar to answers to survey B, then the volunteer project has a high probability of being certified by VOFAIR.


Step no.2 – Complete the site visit The second verification step involves the VOFAIR team conducting a ‘site visit’ to see the volunteer project being verified.

The team gathers information on the project in order to ascertain whether the answers from the surveys match up to the realities of volunteering in the field.


Step no.3 – Receive the certification If verification is completed without any issues, VOFAIR grants its certification and logo to the project.

This certification is valid for the duration of one year, as long as the VOFAIR criteria continue to be met. The organization signs a legal contract with VOFAIR. The certified project is then listed on VOFAIR’s platform, and the project’s organization may use VOFAIR’s logo.


What are fair volunteer projects?


1. The project brings positive change to the world.

2. The volunteer does not cause damage to the environment or to beneficiaries of the project, nor are they exposed to unnecessary health and safety risks.

3. All charges to the volunteer are priced fairly and explained to the volunteer by the organization.

4. Appropriate volunteer recruitment process is assured. This may involve interviews, training, and requiring past experience.

5. The host organization is open to improvement in the case that VOFAIR decides it does not meet the criteria.

6. The host organization has never and does not currently break the law in any way (child labour, animal cruelty, etc).



Other language versions of our verification process information:

German: http://vofair.org/pdf/verification_infographics_GER.pdf




Using our thorough verification system, we hope to present only the most trustworthy, transparent, and fair volunteer projects to our members. We try to re-verify organizations that we have already certified as time passes and changes are made in order to ensure consistency, and we are committed to working with new volunteer projects to help them reach certification quality.  Our small but enthusiastic team promises to support what it feels are voluntary projects of the best quality and provide volunteers with a positive experience.  We will do our utmost to maintain this level of commitment.  Errors and oversights do happen, however, and while we cannot take responsibility (legal or otherwise) for any issues with volunteer projects that escape even our thorough verification process, we ask for your help by letting us know so that we can work on finding a solution.