Balloon Chile


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Balloon Chile is a Lean Startup Social, an intercultural program that will create a new generation of entrepreneurs who will deal with global problems. The main objective is to connect young professionals who pay to live the experience of contribution to the development of the micro-entrepreneurship. The volunteer will receive an intensive training in business. After 8 weeks we hope that the volunteer will continue the relationship with the micro-entrepreneurs in an indirect form. We have already worked with 1000 micro entrepreneurs, where we found their necessities.

Description of the organisation: 

Established in January 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Mission: To promote the entrepreneurial spirit in an attractive way, with the goal of having every person interiorize and embrace this new way of approaching life.  
Vision:  To be recognized as the first business that bases its model on entrepreneurship and innovation, beginning with a creative process which stems from curiosity (seeing the world like children, innovating as adults), in the areas of consultancy and training.  
Principles:  Putting people and their surrounding environment before monetary gains.   
Values: Proactivity, creativity, curiosity, attention to processes and detail, effort, perseverance, passion, group work, collective objectives.

Volunteer criteria: 
The prerequisite is to know well English and Spanish. Higher education or university studies. We ask volunteers for references.
Accommodation and food provided? If yes, cost: 
3000 USD - programme cost. Shared room (3 or 4 people) in a big house where all young professionals can live together. Food will be provided. The organisation organises also the bus transport. The daily cost is 17 USD (which includes 3 meals a day and accommodation), cost of application: 350 USD. The costs of application and contribution are supporting us financially and cover administrative and operational costs of the organisation and it helps us to keep training our projects´coordinators. 19% of the cost goes directly to the marketing of the programme, to find volunteers willing to strengthen our actions, 72% goes to the administrative part, operational expenses, training, and local projects. The rest goes directly to the famiies that prepare food for the volunteers and other project costs.
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