About us

What is VOFAIR?

VOFAIR is a new approach to a familiar idea: an online listing of volunteer projects.


What’s different about VOFAIR?

VOFAIR is more than just an online listing of volunteer projects!

VOFAIR Foundation is a watchdog for transparency in volunteering.


What’s unique about VOFAIR?

We don’t just list volunteer projects that exist: we list projects that the VOFAIR team has verified in person.

We work at a global, rather than national or local level. We began our work in South America, and plan to reach all corners of the globe.

We are not an intermediary organization or volunteer agency, but rather a watchdog.

The thorough information we provide allows volunteers to autonomously make well-informed decisions and choose their own projects.

We strive to support quality grassroots volunteer projects that do not yet receive large quantities of volunteers or have the support of large agencies.

We give volunteer projects the chance to improve in order to receive VOFAIR certification.